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$10,000.00 USD

Copper wire recycling machine in India
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In recent years, waste has been restricted from importing in China, so those wastes such as scrap cable wires remained in the developed countries will be moved to other countries especially in Southeast Asian countries such as India for recycling.   Scrap cable wires Copper and plastic can be separated from scrap cable wires, the copper has a good market in India, so Indians find ways to separate copper and plastic from the waste cable wires and reuse it. So the scrap automatic copper wire recycling machine is very popular in India now. [Related recommend: How to choose a suitable scrap copper wire granulator machine ?]   Copper and plastic separated from scrap cable wires The scrap automatic copper wire recycling machine is easy to install and simple to operate, the whole process is automatical, so usually only one person to control this machine is enough. And the investment is not high too. But the copper separated is very pure so the machine has a high product return. So this scrap automatic copper wire recycling machine is also a good beginning for the customers to start with a recycling business especially in the developing country like India, the individuals can easily start this recycling business.   Copper wire recycling machine Because of the nature of recycling based on environmental protection and the working effect of the machine, the scrap automatic copper wire recycling machine is becoming more and more welcomed not only in India. [Related recommend: Investment-profit analysis of copper wire granulator machine ]. So if you have any interest or question to start this business, welcome to contact us. Mobile/Wechat/Whatsapp:0086-135-2669-2320 Email:market@doinggroup.com http://www.copperwirerecyclingmachinery.com

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Buik CAS 1451-82-7 Powder, aimee@speedgainpharma.com
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Mail/Skype: aimee@speedgainpharma.com Whatsapp/Wechat: +8613292891350   Here are some of our hot sale products: BMK glycidate  Cas16648-44-5 PMK glycidate  Cas13605-48-6 Mk-2866  Cas 1202044-20-9  Mk-677  Cas 159752-10-0 GBL / Gamma-Butyrolactone Liquid CAS 96-48-0 1,4-Butanediol / BDO CAS 110-63-4 Pyrrolidine CAS 123-75-1 N-phenylpiperidin-4-amine dihydrochloride CAS 99918-43-1 2-bromo-4-methylpropiophenone CAS 1451-82-7 1-N-Boc-4-(Phenylamino) powder CAS 125541-22-2 4-Piperidone Hydrochloride Monohydrate CAS 40064-34-4 N-Phenylpiperidin-4-amine CAS 23056-29-3 N-Isopropylbenzylamine Crystal CAS 102-97-6 Methylamine hydrochloride cas 593-51-1 Dimethylamine hydrochloride cas 506-59-2 Trimethylamine hydrochlorate cas 593-81-7 Procaine cas 59-46-1 Phenacetin cas 62-44-2 tetracaine cas 94-24-6 Benzocaine cas 94-09-7 Lidocaine HCl cas 73-78-9 Ropivacaine cas 84057-95-4 Sildenafil Citrate CAS 171599-83-0 Tadalafil CAS 171596-29-5   Contact me: Mail: aimee@speedgainpharma.com Skype: aimee_2199 Whatsapp/ Wechat: +8613292891350

$11,000.00 USD

How do we separate scrap copper wire to get pure copper and plastic?
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With the more and more waste electric copper wires need to be dealt with in the all over the world, the recycling machine is become necessary. Then how  to separate scrap copper wire to get pure copper and plastic? The approximate method is Crushing-Air separation-Electrostatic separation. Process of copper wire granulator We adopt one environmental protect type machinery copper wire granulator, also called copper wire recycling machine to replace the traditional way get pure copper, thus no secondary pollution to the environment. The separation process of copper wire granulator as blow : 1.Shredding the cable wires firstly, it is based on there is some thick wires and higher capacity-more than 300kg/h ; 2.Crushing the wires secondly-using one hammer crusher; 3.Separate the copper at first through the air separation -by the different gravity of copper and plastic, the separation rate is 97%-98% ; 4.Separate the copper and plastic through the electrostatic separation- by the different electrical property of them. Copper wire granulator machine Through the complete separated method, our copper wire granulator with 99.9%- 100% separation rate could make sure there is no copper in the plastic and there is no plastic in the copper, and ensure the client’s maximize benefits. As we all know, the price of copper is expensive and copper is widely used in many kinds of fields. It is necessary to g et pure copper from copper wire . Are you interested in copper wire recycling business ? so what are you still waiting for? Contact us! Related recommend : Copper wire granulator for sale Copper wire recycling price Get pure copper from copper wire   Contact us: Mobile/Wechat/Whatsapp:0086-135-2669-2320 Email:market@doinggroup.com http://www.copperwirerecyclingmachinery.com

$10,000.00 USD

How to get pure copper from scrap cable wires for reuse?
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Copper is a non-ferrous metal with excellent electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, which is widely used in electric power, energy and petrochemical, machinery and metallurgy, transportation and other fields. But ore mining and smelting production can't keep up with the pace of demand growth, leading to a shortage of copper. so we can separate copper from scrap cable wires with copper wire granulator machine for further use. Copper and plastic separated from scrap cable wires C opper wire granulator machine is a kind of environmental friendly equipment, which is used to separate copper from plastic. Through crushing, then separation, the pure copper can be fully recovered from scrap copper wire. What's more, The the copper wire granulator machine adopts fully automatic PLC control system, only need one or two workers to operate it. The and no secondly pollution to the environment process of copper wire recycling machine adoptsbecause of its dry type physical methodprocess, thus no secondly pollution to the environment. With the use of electrostatic separation technology, the separation rate of copper wire recycling machine could reach to almost 99.9%, which is so pure that can be sold directly on the market at a very good price you can get pure copper from copper wire, the recycled copper can be sold directly on the market or for further use.   DOING copper wiregranulator machine In conclusion, the price of copper is expensive and copper is widely used in many kinds of fields. It is necessary to g et pure copper from copper wire . Are you interested in copper wire recycling business ? so what are you still waiting for? Contact us! Related recommend : Copper wire granulator for sale Copper wire recycling price Get pure copper from copper wire   Contact us: Mobile/Wechat/Whatsapp:0086-135-2669-2320 Email:market@doinggroup.com http://www.copperwirerecyclingmachinery.com

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Convection Reflow Oven for Assembly and Packaging
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Convection reflow is the preferred method of SMT reflow soldering of surface mounted components to a PCB. The Convection reflow oven is typically separated into zones in which each zone is independently controlled to optimize the thermal profile of the oven’s process zone. Convection reflow is controllable and highly efficient in terms of transferring heat to a SMT PCB assembly. Multi-level flux filtering of the oven ensures high-activity processing. Visit 1CLICKSMT to know more about the product.

$26,000.00 USD

How to remove gold  from scrap PCB boards ?
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In the last few years, many enterprise use chemical and physical methods to extract gold, but there will be a lot of toxic substances, so the best method is to use environmental protection method instead of chemical to extract gold. But how to use environmental protection equipment to recover gold from circuit boards is an international problem in the last few years. However, our company produces environmental protection equipment to use new technology to recover gold from circuit boards to solve this problem. PCB board recycling process is to separate metals and resin fiber by crushing, vibration separation, air separation and electrostatic separation. 【 Related recommend : printed circuit board recycling process 】 PCB recycling process The PCB board recycling machine adopts a shredder or crusher to crush PCB board, and then recycle the crushed materials through dry logistics method to separate metal and non-metal. At the same time, the process is equipped with high voltage electrostatic separation device and air flow separator combination, to ensure a high metal recovery rate, recovery of metal purity can reach more than 99%. This PCB board recycling process will not cause any pollution to water, soil or air, which is a veritable green type and environmental recycling method. PCB recycling machine At present, the value of metal and non-metal resources contained in the waste circuit boards produced in the global market every year is up to 100 billion yuan, of which the price of gold is immeasurable. For this reason, environmentally friendly equipment is particularly important to replace the chemical method of extracting gold. it can turn e-waste into treasure and produce good economic and social benefits, and has an extremely broad market prospect. For more information about remove gold from PCB board, you are welcome to contact us directly. Related recommend : Remove gold from circuit boards Printed circuit board recycling techniques Recycle printed circuit boards for cash   Contact us : Mobile/Wechat/Whatsapp:0086-135-2669-2320 Email:market@doinggroup.com http://www.copperwirerecyclingmachinery.com

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Our Medical marijuaana’s unique crisp flavor is enjoyed and recognized as the perfect ingredient for health care and smoking happy times shared with friends worldwide. WECHAT.......weedtrader kIK id......zeguol

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Your trusted supplier in China for premium quality membrane switch
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We are the leading membrane switch manufacturers in China that focus on creating the most professional and sophisticated variety of membrane switches. These switches can be applied in a wide range of electrical and electronic gadgets with a warranty to be used for a long period of time. We have been certified as an outstanding organization for manufacturing and delivering premium quality membrane switches for global clients in more than 15 years. This is what offers a competitive edge to our organization.

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Hello everyone, We are the producer from China ,we supply pharm intermediates such as 99918-43-1,125541-22-2. Our main products export to Mexico as follow: 99918-43-1 N-PHENYLPIPERIDIN-4-AMINE DIHYDROCHLORIDE 125541-22-2 1-N-Boc-4-(Phenylamino)piperidine 23056-29-3 N-phenylpiperidin-4-amine 103-63-9 (2-Bromoethyl)benzene 40064-34-4 4,4-Piperidinediol hydrochloride Top quality and best price pls contact Belinda An WhatsApp/wechat:+8615130202468/+8619930503251 Wickr me: hotbiotech Email:belinda@crovellbio.com Welcome to China to visit us.

$50,000.00 USD

Is it possible to change plastic into diesel fuel?
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Because most of the plastic is extracted from petroleum, it can be converted to diesel by a pyrolysis and distillation process. So how to change plastic into diesel fuel ? <img src=" MN81b+JW85YuN5s2cbNpE7ca9bktyM3GNdxqWsetpnXcbt7Qfk3yfcNr09xsXNOFXP+u/hW+rVuVp/a1lm9qXhlyo3rVNKL3yt53o3oVX1e9xA1Jvq58wb32deULfFXxXJovy5/pInvdan7vfuoon5fr85n7iS6/c62YRvQ+kt+WPU5KyO//aSnJsv4e11I8C/HM6eOexW/ds/idez6p+bxi0TRfVCw4S/myaT53L5nm9+5l/N69jC9cS7p8Xra Iz8sWDdfJ/VrKF3X5smJJl68ql83jjuXr8se63KhYwY2KFe41OqLrdL6pfMLNt1VPpfmu+plpzO75vua5NN/VPTPN9/XPcbPhBTe3Gl/idtOqaczuudX4EreaVnGraRW3m1/hdvMr3Gl5jTstrw0fi/Kg6TUeNq9x86hlXRfePSnxpLasI7VlHWmtG0hr3UB62ybS2zaN11tiyWjdREbrJtI6Yklt39AlpW0dKW3rumvkXvo9Ge2byGjfRGbHFj I7tpDVuY2szm1kd+3E0rGN7I5t5HTuIKdzB7ldu8jt2kVe9x7yuveQ072L3J49Lfk9+1oKeg+0Xxd5DlHsPUKJ7xjF3iMUeQ7j2UWxd4+bEt++45T6DyylLHCoC33NFTzSpSxwiLLQkRZX+BjuyAnckROUR09RHj3VPqZDXqvoO9NS2X+Oyv5zVA1coGrgApX95/iEBywWWU6BJYMWCyyCLAKrmw0buNmwgVuC0MDiIYsFlCw0sJSQRQHLDFpOI 0LWN5KYwUsVWcmMU4DJgGU3MpglKr8texIPgy/3cjyL8TD4KZ+LxSGgPitfMM2fK7AIskxxlQBgsbBSiQxUicKVE4Cp4Or7muf4vt48ZrhSARadO82vcKf5lR5ZEmDdbV0zjQxXZuB61LKuwxUPWORjFlgkImDxkMUCK63jGlYssDRoUbjiAYvGFQ2sgt4DDVgFvQdCYMlwZRVITsMCS4QrDVkUrgiwCKBEyHIMLF4l61bbjinA7CKLB6xbzVsG YImgRWBEcEXHDrAIsgiwZMj6rm5Nl0RgS/T+fweWHFiJQFYiAWX3c39W/hiflT8WAytB+dcMLFNYcYDF4koFWGyVKtHISiauRMBSxpVNYBFcJQpYvGqVE2CJqlY6WLVuIKV1g4srGlg8ZOliAiyCLBpX6Z1bumR0betiAFa8kkXjSgSsvF49rnjAoiMClpMKVDJwlWxgsbjSAetOx54WM2ipAIwXGbZut2xroYF1uykWJ8C63byhjCq64sVWsUT 5tm4V39ev4/v6dQO0ROAyAxj72nd1a9KKlgqwROgiyFLNnwuwnCIrmcDi/V7c18of4/OKFSmwZEBymj8XYImQZYorClg8XKkCi235WQEWDScVYCUSVzxgWcKVDWDRuLICLIIrFlkiYBFkWQWWqC3IwiqldQOpnBYgD1im2OoQtwlZYPFAJQNWTvdurA3IwRUNrLzefeT16nFFhwesWMzbgh8LWHQbkPzaHTrWxRW8hhWvPchDlkr1isQALDNoie 5RhZYIWzSweNBiZ7EMoVqDvLAzWSqhkUWHhywCLBGyZMDiRfR+brVLElllyyqyEg0txzNc8Xzhfmo7n7ue2I4MUDL0GT6n+zG+KF/RYkTFAhNzgDiNDEBflC86jOzzSyKB1Jflj81jE1Z2gaXaAlStXKnMWKkCiweom7UvzCNoAcoqV4kClmzW6l7rmmlkLUBh5aptE6my6hR1HwkNtJRW8XwVjS66cpXRtY3M7h1htNkrUrmKA4tGlS5xWOX17 iPfcw2qQs8hCj2HKPDsodC7jyLPPoq9B5yYz1wlsypFZqzYe3mVKhZXGrIYXImAxUaGKw1Ydzv3cbdznwstAimz12SRQetO6w7utO5woXW7ZVsJWInEFd1WJEPwZsiSVbBkEcHKDGh2gMVekw3Hm7UVE4msRAHLKbLsossusLQhe+bz0bhSAZZToPxrB9ZXFSuWgaWKKx6wrLb9VLFld4hdNaIKVaKAxcOVKrBYXOmQlSBg8XDFg1UKgyarwDJE AiwruOIBS6tQSYCV7znQgEVwVeg5RKF3nwusEt8hSnyHprj6GMBiQUV/XB4+0aIhy2SIPUHA2tXlTscON6L7brdvm+ZW2xY3N1s3cbN1UwOWCFrCGS3SSmzewJ2WTS12cMVDGQ0s0QC8WetQm9GS3GsFYDxkqQBLhK4bVS/xtSTkaUWSrypf4KvKF/iy4jm+/JEByw6y2Pezn0MKrPislCifV6zg8wp6pmpZF7pyRUcMLD20/h1YfGARQH1VsaK LDFhWcKUCLBmYePfSgPpR40oRWE5wZRVYWvuv5TXuqgCr5TUeta5xQ4bM2ZjNS4nuTRFEBCzerJUMV5ndO8jq2UVWz+515ap33zDIrgMXhat8z4EBVjxgEVwRYCULV1aAxVavaGCRX9PA0pCVAFzRwKoevET14OWHA5YMWjJgyULjigCLRpKouiWreqk8YWgGKxLZmghZe1EGre8kkbUNVYBFI4sAiyDLTovRSiXMKbB4gKJDoPhlxXMptriVrj igzEKDi8CKrGH4rGwFn5WtGIB1DS0ZbBwCxXH+bQPLSuuPhyT6/fR9shafUzzJooSrWjGeZLGDK4ImHbIkwLrftm4aGa5kkFJBVkrbuhFWHZuxSIBFZqt4mOK9RoDFzlbRoYFF44oFVpHvQAcsgiyCq1L/kRRXMiA5DQ9YonYgC6zysLx6VdF35gxYD7r2DLnfuSvNvY4dQ+62b2u507aFO21bumvc19t2dbECLlLBYqtYdCWLF/o+KzNYqnNZN LZkFSze5xBVwLhPMVoElmEey+J6CAPCJHCSAUsGKBm4zPCkAiynFTC2pWds8fHhpJqPDShphcu9oBTROgTZELpshsrsHml70AKwRPexqBK1AO2uW9D2TQnmqpxWqMwwdavuJfeaLg5hZYYtUeVKF6YleJcJgdTD1nU8aFkz5GHLay0EVrJ9VKaQiucREwKrhx36mKGKhK5kscBK69xCehxZBFfZvXtaeNUr9slBbf7Kew2rYv8hiv10i3BXCzt3 RQPHagVKt5NK0Poz+zxse5BAqiJyiorIqSmuysN8UPEG2EXXaWBVD16iZuhKQ9Yn79+/x8PufS08bMnQxb7GA5cIYjxg8ZBlCi0Ormhkia6btRLZipUTaCXic5gCzmEFS2WhqRmwnAzL253l0iHLpPpkJ4kGlvN87AqVJBZhZYCWDEA2w1auREkksKwMrTvdU5Xs9h8BlCmuEgAs1ZUMLKw0RDFPBYpagQ9a1vCwdd0YCle8ypUMWMJ2oSAEVo8 6N/GoU7x2gUZUMoFFV69oYBFk0cAS7bwSAUulAiUCFrskVOV97KxVReRUCCsCMDvAYnFFA4vOJ+/fv8ejngMtNLbM0EWDincvCy5R9etu+zbute/hXvseF1p32+Q7twia7rZu6cJeV61uWV1QKoOS6iZ52xBTaBOKoPWt4sZ4q5vkaUDJBuedzm4lcp7LznZ5p4D6vVsWyZoB6fuTG7P9U1+4lrQqk+2n/JKIq68qVqSgkl1LJq5UFoHaAZYqrm hgcXFlEVh22oK86/R8lQxYumpVq3Fo3Wzeil6TYLZCwQxWbMXqQecGHnZtamErVqI2IG8OK6NrG+nxZHTvIJMDLBm0CryHutDAKvIdoMCzg0LvNa5K/Lso9u2g2LeDIu+2VsVKBrCs7rSSVqsYXLHAYnElimionUZWzdBVDFgpvYdaaGzx0MXDluw+UuXiAe1ex44GLDoiYPGwRQB1r21bF/o6D168tqFdZNlBkuioHsu/R92aaWTYcgIsdg+X0 ycTE1nt+lDI+rcOLKstvmQDyxKuKlbwddXjpACLHlJ3ur8qETNVdnAlyu36VS3JxBUPWOzwuiqwSMWKfRpQ1uozO6ZGpXLFVqxoXD3s2uTushIhSwSsjO4dDVg8XNHAYuexeMCiQwOrxLePEv+uhiwaWARUdoElQ5YMVbJZKxpVPGBZwRVbseIhSwNWqucAKb373Dzq2cPD7l1uHnTt4EHXjuEecp0N+/r9zu1YOva10MjirYK41baDm+368HBF I4sFl2oLUX2lwytuvm9YxfcNq8LXryNffGoKLQmwZNi6UfvKUWR7tmSLUJ22FRO1OsI2xCoeO4sUKE9+1Ek2sKQtPge4IsAi4SFLBLCvKpfxddVjW1UqKy0+9j0slD4krmhYabGwiV22lV34pCBTvdIhqm1dF3aIXVS50s4KbF/jJqXtNVLaXmsfp3Ws6yK83hnLIyYPu2J50L2Ohz0bWkRzV7xWIQ9YNK4ye3aR1buHLAGysnuNwCr0HelCD7b rgOXbQYl/F6UBUsXaRpF3Swgsq8PqIkCpoEq1WkVSGT3TIoOUWfWKbgeaAotEhCw6LLTMgHW/c9s

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